Ponte a Rigo

Latitudine: 42.825525 | Longitudine: 11.780512 | Altitudine 296 metri circa

It is the most recent residential area in ​​the municipality, built between the ’60s and the ‘70s along the Cassia road. North of Ponte a Rigo is the local church and the former tavern Novella, once called Villa Novula and mentioned in various documents of the Badia Amiatina, including one dating back to January 1074.

Near Ponte a Rigo is the Burburicco farm that was mentioned in a document dating back to 995 as the border of the ancient parish church of Santa Maria ad Balnea in San Casciano dei Bagni. In 1380 there had been a terrible battle between the troops of Siena and the Breton’s troops.
On May 15th 1944 another tragedy struck Ponte a Rigo, during the operation Strangle aimed at blocking the supply of German men and vehicles to the front along the Gustav Line. In the attempt to destroy the bridge on the Rigo River, a house was hit by the bombings, killing eight children and two of their mothers. In their memory, a monument was erected near the church of Santa Elisabetta.

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