The free and famous oxen breed.

The Chianina oxen are our white giants that pasture free on the ridges of San Casciano dei Bagni (they are the largest oxen breed in the world). Bread almost exclusively for the production of high protein and low cholesterol content meat, the current breed is the result of a selection led by Ezio Marchi in Val di Chiana during the first decades of the last century. However, the breed’s origins are ancient but confusing, it could be a native breed but it might also come from Turkey.


It has been known for over two thousand years and has been described by Plinio il Vecchio and other authors from the past. Due to its pure white coat, besides being used as a working force, the oxen were also used for triumphal parades and sacrifices. Still to this day, during the Palio of Siena Chianina oxen transport the carroccio during the historical parade. Small horns and an imposing figure characterize this animal: adult bulls can reach up to 2 meters in height and 1700 kilos in weight!

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