The tastiest of the poor dishes.

Ciaffagnone is a traditional poor dish similar to a crêpe, born thanks to the creativity of those who had to invent a recipe with few basic ingredients such as water and flour. The recipe is certainly ancient and calls for flour, water, eggs and a little salt. It is our typical Carnival dish, prepared during Mardi Gras both in its salty and sweet version. This sort of rustic crêpe is prepared with long-handled pans and cooked in pork lard.

Besides being a nutritious meal, its realization requires a special technique: besides being able to balance the ingredients, while cooking, it has to be thrown it in the air and to be taken on the fly with the pan to brown both sides as you would do with an omelette. Once turned golden and soft, the Ciaffagnone finds a worthy companion in the local pecorino cheese, in sugar or in cocoa and hazelnuts cream.

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