Thermal Waters

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This is a territory marked by the presence of warm and sulphurous water. It was considered a divine emanation from the Etruscans and used for the baths by the Romans. Tombstones and various archaeological finds are now preserved in a small museum space, they confirm a never-interrupted tradition. Today San Casciano dei Bagni thermal baths are considered among the most beautiful in the world. In the Middle Ages this florid tradition was already alive, it was the abbot of Cluny who came here to cure the gout. naturally, but he was kidnapped by the famous brigand-gentleman Ghino di Tacco. Customers arrived here from all over Europe, especially in the 1400s, to treat almost any kind of illness. Noblemen and wealthy men chose San Casciano dei Bagni and invested in beautiful buildings.

San Casciano is rich in thermal springs, some of them feed the so-called free baths, they are the thermal pools built by ancient Romans and still largely usable. They are located at the foot of the hill where the medieval village rises. There are three accessible pools, the most popular is the stone made one with its characteristic triangular shape. I the immediate vicinity there is also a covered bath-tub and a large collection basin that the locals call “caldagna”.
To reach the free baths you need to arrive at the entrance of San Casciano dei Bagni, where there is a series of car parks arranged on several levels. At that point, a small road descends very steeply to the base of the hill. Down there you will find the first bath, after 200 meters there are the stone baths. Access to the dirt road leading to the Roman baths with the car is forbidden. Better to use the parking spaces at the entrance to the village.

The aura of Fonteverde is waiting for you at the magnificent Medici Palace in San Casciano dei Bagni, a precious medieval village nestled in the rolling hills of Siena. Commissioned in 1607 by the Grand Duke Ferdinand I, this beautiful residence is a fitting tribute to the Italian Renaissance.
The contours, materials and furnishings reflect the utmost attention to detail. Everything seems to recall the splendour of the past, while offering the most innovative and modern comforts. From the breezy terraces you can enjoy a beautiful landscape, dotted with farmhouses, monasteries and villages. History and tradition are everywhere, and even the palate finds satisfactions with traditional flavours and recipes handed down from generation to generation, and reinterpreted with a modern flair.
Walk along century-old cobblestones, look out onto the beauty of Val d’Orcia, enjoy the hot springs for a journey of rejuvenation. At the Fonteverde Spa Resort in Tuscany, Italy, every simple gesture takes on a magical significance.

Delectable choices, delicious flavours, and expertly prepared dishes make up the culinary offering at Fonteverde. You will be surprised by the original creations that combine the flavours of traditional Tuscan and Mediterranean cuisine with a suave delicacy, setting up an experience for your senses that is truly unforgettable.
Etruscans and Romans appreciated the regenerating power of the thermal waters of Fonteverde springs. Today those same waters rich in sulphur, calcium, fluorine and magnesium, flow on the surface at a natural temperature of 42 ° C and continue to give wellbeing to all of our guests. The beneficial action of our thermal waters is unique because in Fonteverde do not use chemical or physical treatment that alters the natural constitution of water. The depth of the sources guarantees their microbiological purity, by the continuity and by the flow rate. Their naturalness makes them particularly appreciated, their chemical-physical characteristics specifically indicated for the prevention and care of the body. Reaching a harmonious state of health through the water of Fonteverde springs is a dream that becomes reality.

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