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The aura of Fonteverde is waiting for you at the magnificent Medici Palace in San Casciano dei Bagni, a precious medieval village nestled in the rolling hills of Siena. Commissioned in 1607 by the Grand Duke Ferdinand I, this beautiful residence is a fitting tribute to the Italian Renaissance. The contours, materials and furnishings reflect the utmost attention to detail. Everything seems to recall the splendour of the past while offering the most innovative and modern comforts. From the breezy terraces, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape, dotted with farmhouses, monasteries and villages. History and tradition are everywhere, and even the palate finds satisfactions with traditional flavours and recipes handed down from generation to generation, and reinterpreted with a modern flair. Walk along century-old cobblestones, look out onto the beauty of Val d’Orcia, and enjoy the hot springs for a journey of rejuvenation. At the Fonteverde Spa Resort in Tuscany, Italy, every simple gesture takes on a magical significance. Delectable choices, delicious flavours, and expertly prepared dishes make up the culinary offering at Fonteverde. Our master chefs will surprise you with their original creations that combine the flavours of traditional Tuscan and Mediterranean cuisine with a suave delicacy, setting up an experience for your senses that is truly unforgettable. The Etruscans and the Romans were the first to truly appreciate the regenerating power of the waters at the Fonteverde hot springs. Today these waters – rich in sulphur, calcium, fluoride and magnesium – flow to the surface at a natural temperature of 42 °C, and continue to provide the same benefits to our guests. Waters are totally natural without any chemical additives of any kind so the water is totally natural. The microbiological purity of our healing waters is guaranteed by the depth of the springs and by its continuous flow and the strength of the same.The natural quality of the hot springs makes them particularly enjoyable, as their chemical and physical properties are the perfect preventative and treatment prescription for the body.

Loc. Terme, 1
53040, San Casciano dei Bagni
+39 0578 57241


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