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TENUTA MACETONA is located in Celle sul Rigo where Tuscany meets Umbria and Lazio, in one of its most beautiful corners near the Cetona Mountain.
The farm covers an area of ​​25 hectares composed of arable land, olive groves and forest. OLIVES have been grown here for over 10 years to produce EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. We follow our olive groves with care and dedication in their most important moments, from pruning to fertilization with organic animal residues up to the harvesting of their precious fruits. The process we follow is completely organic and leads to the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil.
Our extra virgin olive oil is available to our customers for tastings, for culinary use and for purchase.
In addition, our SAFFRON production is very organic and since 2013, it is our main production. We also produce honey with our endowment of 50 hives. Beekeeping is a passion that found its realization in the production of MIELE DI ALESSANDRINO (a particular alfalfa type) AND MIELE DI MELATA DI BOSCO. At TENUTA MACETONA, it is possible to:
– enjoy a hearty breakfasts with homemade cakes, jams, bruschetta.
– enjoy excellent dinners or lunches with a menu made of only seasonal and fresh ingredients.
We prepare our dishes with our products (extra virgin olive oil, honey, saffron) and those of nearby farmers to preserve tradition and natural flavours

Località Macetona, 207, Celle sul Rigo
53040, San Casciano dei Bagni
+39 347 2413646, +39 347 6478359


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