Sagra dei pici – Celle sul Rigo

Every year in Celle sul Rigo all the locals gather to appiciare (that is to make handmade pici).

The appointment is in Piazza Garibaldi in Celle sul Rigo every last weekend of May. Our festival has a half a century long history, the first edition dates back to 1969, and today it is organized by the Philharmonic Society of Celle sul Rigo to support the association. The festival has an amazing success and it grows every year, our cuisine is genuine and today our pici are famous throughout the province of Siena thanks to this event. 900 kilos of flour are used every year to produce the many portions of pici we serve during these three days of festival. This tradition allows the Philharmonic to survive and carry out its cultural and artistic activities, it brings together the inhabitants of a small village and creates a ritual moment of shared identity.


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